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Taste of the Past is where I share my love of traditional cookery. Recipes from the days before TV dinners and microwaves right down the ages to the earliest cook books that I can get my hands on. I hope you enjoy my experiments as much as I do. Please share your own ideas, efforts and feedback in the comments.

Sunday 16 June 2013

Spinach tart, recipe 2

With only a month to go until Forty Hall's First Fruits event it is time to start whittling down the possible recipes to the ones which are authentic but also taste nice.  This is one of my favourite vegetable recipes from the period, a spinach tart by the ever reliable Elinor Fettiplace. 

Made with spinach and eggs flavoured with rosewater, currants, ginger and cinnamon, the recipe can sound a bit odd to modern tastes.  The secret is to use the spices sparingly.  A look in a middle eastern cook book will show you any number of recipes that rely on the same flavour combinations.  They are almost always used  in moderation and to very great effect.


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